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Municipal Issues

Fair Government Regulations and Reduction of Red Tape

The Chamber believes that a well-designed and effective regulatory environment supports businesses, protects consumers and contributes to healthy communities.

The Chamber supports policy that:

  1. Improves efficiencies and timeliness of permitting
  2. Provides clear and transparent guidelines that businesses can rely on
  3. Removes roadblocks to risk-taking, innovation and investment

Red Tape Reduction Policy (2015)

Success Update: December 2020 – Bill 7: The City of Brandon now has subdivision approval authority

City Budget
Every year, the Brandon Chambers of Commerce submits a pre-budget commentary to the City of Brandon’s  public consultation process. But we can all have our say.
Brandon School Division Budget

Government Efficiency and Taxation
The Chamber believes in a fair and equitable system of taxation that promotes private sector growth and makes Brandon more competitive. The Chamber believes that all levels of government should exercise fiscal restraint and control program spending by seeking out efficiencies and implementing priority or performance-based budgeting.

  1. The Chamber supports fiscally sustainable budgets that:
    • Evaluate programs to ensure measurable outcomes and achieve desired results
    • Ensure sound fiscal management with strong budget reserves and consideration of long term planning
    • Adopt spending priorities that have clear and measurable outcomes and encourage transparency and accountability.
    • Do not stifle investment and create a tax burden for business and citizens
  2. The Chambers supports market competition as the most efficient means of ensuring high levels of service, innovation and competitive pricing and as such supports public private partnerships where cost savings can be realized.
  3. The Chamber opposes increases to business taxes and fees that would negatively impact Brandon’s competitive environment