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Support Local Initiatives

Supporting Brandon Businesses

Discover the incredible variety of products and services offered by Brandon Chamber of Commerce members. Residents of Brandon and members of the local business community are encouraged to shop local first to enhance the economic prosperity of Brandon. Supporting local business creates a better community for everyone to live, work and play.

Shop, Dine, Play, Support Local!

Looking for a local business? Our searchable Member Directory features the most current list of Brandon Chamber of Commerce members. Search by business name, business category, or alphabetically to discover local solutions to all your needs.

Need a referral? Call us at 204-571-5340 for a business recommendation — we will gladly connect you with one of our members.

Reasons to Shop Locally

Great Products, Great Prices. Shopping local encourages local business to improve their product, service and selection which will enhance Brandon’s shopping environment.

Get Better Service. Local merchants are more likely to be focused on customer service, quality and warranties.

Invested in Community. Buy from people who have local interests at heart and will make decisions that help improve the community.

Put your taxes to good use. Support public services through sales taxes – these dollars fix our roads, maintain our recreational facilities, fund our fire and police departments, and much more.

Job Creation. Local businesses create local jobs, increase local prosperity and reduce unemployment.  Local merchants will secure jobs for our friends, neighbors and family members.

Support Community Groups. Local businesses start a chain of “trickle-down” dollars.  Local merchants will use their profits at other local businesses, charities and public service events. Local business support other local business and non-profits in our community.

Reduce driving, save time and gas costs. This in turn, also preserves the environment!