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Your Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce has existed as the voice of Brandon business for 129 years since its incorporation on May 14, 1883.

The power of over 800 delegates, representing over 600 different business types, sectors, and sizes, gives the Chamber a voice that can effectively speak louder than one business alone. Through the Chamber, the business community can be assured that the business perspective is heard on issues of the day.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary federation of the business community. It unites the efforts of business and professionals to ensure that the entire community realizes a healthy economic and socio-economic benefit. The Chamber of Commerce harnesses the tremendous potential of the private enterprise system and enables its membership to accomplish collectively what no one person or group could accomplish individually.

How does a Chamber of Commerce work?

Committees are a key component of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce. They are comprised of Chamber members and are formed to address specific issues or interest areas. They are also one of the best ways for our membership to become actively involved in policy development around various issues. It is this type of grassroots involvement that sets a Chamber of Commerce apart from other organizations, which claim to represent business but, in effect, only reflect the views of a small closed group. Without the vibrant and open committee structure, which is in place at the Brandon Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber would cease to be an effective voice for business.

What does a Chamber of Commerce do?

The Chamber represents and promotes the area’s economy and encourages business and industrial investment. This in turn helps to broaden the tax base and provides new employment. To business prospects and newcomers, the Chamber represents the community’s self-image.
Chambers of Commerce are increasingly involved in non-commercial areas such as education, human relations, environmental, cultural and governmental concerns. These challenges have caused Chambers to become a viable force in seeking solutions to today’s social problems. Chambers of Commerce influence federal, provincial, and municipal legislation affecting business.

Why join a Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is the salesman for its community and businesses. Chambers unceasingly promote these communities’ products and services while at the same time being their watchdog. This results in Chambers protecting their interests, particularly in the political arena. The united voice of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce has often proven effective and beneficial to business where a single voice can go unheard. The benefit of belonging to the Chamber is full-time representation with year-round results.

How can I join the Chamber?

Joining the Brandon Chamber of Commerce is easy! Simply click here to complete and send in an online application. You can contact the Chamber at 204-571-5344 or members@brandonchamber.ca for more information. Or head on down there and pay them a visit at 1043 Rosser Avenue, Brandon. The staff would love to sit down with you one-on-one and review the membership benefits offered, and how your business can benefit from being a member.

Who finances a Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber is a business and incurs costs in conducting its operation as in any other type of organization. These expenses are met primarily through membership fees derived from its numerous members including individuals and firms. Members share a mutual desire to achieve a better community for all its citizens. Brandon Chamber of Commerce membership is an investment in the present and future welfare of both the individuals and their community.

How do I stay informed on Chamber activities, etc?

The Brandon Chamber of Commerce publishes its membership newsletter, Chamber at a Glance, six times a year and it is mailed to all Chamber members. E-mail broadcasts, our website, and special publications will also feature the most current and up-to-date activities of the Chamber’s events and advocacy areas.

What advertising opportunities are there available through the Chamber?

Advertising opportunities include purchasing advertisements in our newsletters (Chamber @ a Glance and The Chamber Insider) or special publications, sponsoring luncheons or special events, reserving ad space on our website, or by advertising in our Chamber mail outs.

How do I find out about events?

Keep an eye on your newsletters, mailers, enews and our website to find information about upcoming events. There is also a calendar under the events menu, if you click on a event listed in the calendar it will show you the who, what, when, where, how much and how/when you can register. You may also email info@brandonchamber.ca if you have any questions related to any of our events.

How can I find out who else is a member of the Chamber?

Our membership roster is published each year containing names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, website addresses, and contact names of all of the members for the current membership year. The roster will help increase your profile as well. We also have our membership roster on our website and it is updated throughout the year. Please visit our members’ websites by clicking their live links in the on-line roster by going to the Membership link above and clicking on our Membership Directory. Or for a short-cut click here.

What if I can’t actively participate?

By being a member, you are supporting an organization that represents your interests in the community. Your most important participation is simply signing on as a member.